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Yamagami International Law Offices (English)

Effective Legal Service in English or Mandarin
by Experienced Attorneys at Law in Japan.

For foreigners who wish to divorce your Japanese spouse without losing your residential status;
For foreigners who wish to change jobs in Japan without losing your residential status;
For foreigners who wish to file a lawsuit in Japan;
For foreign companies who needs advice on Japanese law; etc.

We aim to provide legal services regarding Japanese law in English or Mandarin.

About us

Yamagami International Law Offices in Tokyo and Fukuoka, are providing effective legal service in the areas of international transactions, international family law, patent law and various kinds of litigation.

Areas of Practice 

  • ○ Insolvency (Bankruptcy Proceedings, Business Recovery etc);
  • ○ Enforcement of Domestic and International Judgments and Arbitral Awards;
  • ○ International Trade;
  • ○ Cryptocurrency or similar tokens;
  • ○ International Investment;
  • ○ Franchising;
  • ○ Finance, Debt Collection;
  • ○ Company Law and Commercial Law;
  • ○ Antitrust Law;
  • ○ Worker’s Compensation;
  • ○ Environmental Law;
  • ○ Product Liability;
  • ○ Real Estate and Construction;
  • ○ Litigation case of taxation law;
  • ○ Admiralty and Maritime Law; and
  • ○ Legal Consultations and Representations ;

For those who live in the US and US companies:

Examples of Legal Advice

Numerous problems arise in accordance with increase of cross border exchange and some examples are shown below;

  • -Living in the US for many years and having a relative in Japan and wish to seek a legal advice regarding inheritance of the relative
  • -Maintenance of marital relation getting difficult between a Japanese and American and wish to seek a legal advice
  • -Planning to deal with a Japanese company and wish to enter into an agreement of English text
  • -Planning to acquire a Japanese company and need legal due diligence and agreements regarding the acquisition
  • -Wish to take a legal action against a Japanese company since it does not make a payment under the agreement
  • -Wish to seek instruction regarding Japanese laws
  • -Leaving Japan for the US and wish to know how to handle a traffic accident happened in Japan
  • -Wish to take a countermeasure against a counterfeit (piracy) product of our company in Japan
  • -Wish to consult with an expert regarding The Hague Convention, The convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction

Proposals from Yamagami International Law Offices

Our office is engaged in providing with those who live in the US and the US corporate clients professional services to solve legal issues in Japan and the US from the perspective of Japanese laws.

We trust that our bilingual lawyers are able to meet your requirements with their expertise and extensive experiences.

Besides our office has a cooperative relationship with lawyers/law firms in New York, Los Angeles, etc. 

Our office welcomes inquiry/consultation by means of Skype, telephone, electronic mail, etc. Depending upon the situations, we can offer the services by the lawyers/law firms of the US with whom we have cooperative relationship. Legal fees can be paid by PayPal. We are also flexible to provide you with consultation in view of time difference between the US and Japan.

We also welcome any inquiry/consultation from the US law firms.


  • Shogo Yamagami, Attorney at Law, Patent Attorney admitted in Japan
  • Kensuke Hamada, Attorney at Law admitted in Japan
  • Goro Ikuno, Attorney at Law admitted in Japan

Contact us

Yamagami International Law Offices
【Tokyo】Roppongi Denki Bld.7F, 6-1-20 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1060032, Japan
【Fukuoka】Akasaka Sangyo Building 6F, 2-12-12 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 8100041, Japan
E-mail: info@yilaw.jp

Brief Curriculum Vitae of the Principal

November 2000
Passed the National Bar Exam (the examination pass rate: 2.75%);
October 2002
Admitted as an Attorney;
September 2004 – January 2005
Experienced work experience at a leading law firm in Beijing, China;
March 2005 – April 2005
Experienced work experience at a leading law firm in Shanghai, China;
August 2006
Admitted as a Patent Attorney;
Operating as principal lawyer and patent attorney at Yamagami International Law Offices;
A member of Tokyo Bar Association;
A member of Committee on International Relations, Japan Federation of Bar Associations;
A member of the International Committee, Tokyo Bar Association;
A member of International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA).

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