Dispute resolution (negotiation, litigation, arbitration, enforcement etc.);

How to Seek Monetary Claims in Japan.

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For Corporate Clients: What Yamagami Law Offices can offer

In order to obtain maximum favorable result in a trial (litigation) in Japan, we believe that special intelligence and expertise in connection with trials (litigations) are essential and needed.

We are pleased to offer you such intelligence and expertise through our lawyers. Our Tokyo Office in Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, and Fukuoka Office is located at Akasaka Crossing, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-city.

You may encounter following problems;

distribution of property

  • perplexed to have received a written complaint suddenly
  • how to respond (answer) to a request for litigation from a party you deal with
  • you have not received goods as contracted under an agreement from a party you deal with
  • had many negotiations regarding a conflict/dispute but reached no settlement
  • wish to demand a compensation for damages against a party you deal with
  • wish to demand repayment of the loan against a borrowing company

Suggestions from Yamagami Law Offices

distribution of property

Our lawyers are available to you for representing in a civil trial (litigation).

Special intelligence and experiences are necessary in a trial (litigation) in order to obtain maximum favorable judgment in Japan and you may wish to take advantage of the intelligence of lawyers. Besides if you hire a lawyer, it is not necessary to present yourself at the court every time and complex paper works are handled by the lawyers, thus you may save your burden in the trial (litigation).

In case of a transaction where there is an agreement that any dispute should be settled by arbitration without appealing to court, arbitration will take place and we will assist you to represent in and proceed with the arbitration.

Examples of Practice

child matter

  • -preparation of documentations necessary in a trial (litigation, civil case and criminal case)
  • appearance/presentation in the court
  • to collect/obtain evidence
  • advice for settlement of the dispute
  • proxy negotiation out of court

Secondary Opinions

We are pleased to provide you with secondary opinions while you may have already consulted with other expert.



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